Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Kaleidoscopes

The cards in this scan were created from a photo taken by my brother Mike Austin. He is a freelance photographer and has had his photo of Kings Island named "Photo of the Day" on Webshots. I took his photo a step further and made a little magic of my own. If you study the colors in the cards you will be able to identify which part of the picture it is from. The card in the middle is the lower portion of the tower. It's easy to pick out the fireworks. The ninth card in the scan is one of the few that I used 12 petals for my kaleidoscope. I prefer 6 although you can use 3-22. When you use that many the image starts to loose it color and becomes muted. I enjoy working with this program so much that I could probably start another blog dedicated to kaleidoscopes.

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