Sunday, January 25, 2009

Alcohol Inks

This is a newer technique and my first time to use them. The ink comes in small squeeze bottles and is applied to the surface with a sponge. It can be used on glossy paper, tile, glass or acrylic. I applied the ink to High Gloss photo paper. Different colors of ink can be added to the paper or can be dabbed together on the same sponge. After the background is created an image can be applied with a stamp using permanent ink or with a permanent marker. I used a sharpie. The image is them highlighted and detailed with a gel pen. Traditionally a white gel pen is used but since I did not have one I used a silver gel pen.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Kaleidoscopes

The cards in this scan were created from a photo taken by my brother Mike Austin. He is a freelance photographer and has had his photo of Kings Island named "Photo of the Day" on Webshots. I took his photo a step further and made a little magic of my own. If you study the colors in the cards you will be able to identify which part of the picture it is from. The card in the middle is the lower portion of the tower. It's easy to pick out the fireworks. The ninth card in the scan is one of the few that I used 12 petals for my kaleidoscope. I prefer 6 although you can use 3-22. When you use that many the image starts to loose it color and becomes muted. I enjoy working with this program so much that I could probably start another blog dedicated to kaleidoscopes.


ka⋅lei⋅do⋅scope[kuh-lahy-duh-skohp] noun

1. an optical instrument in which bits of glass, held loosely at the end of a rotating tube, are shown in continually changing symmetrical forms by reflection in two or more mirrors set at angles to each other.
2. a continually changing pattern of shapes and colors.
3. a continually shifting pattern, scene, or the like: The 1920s were a kaleidoscope of fads and fashions.
As long as I can remember I have been in love with kaleidoscopes. When I found out that I could create my own images using Paint Shop Pro I was simply amazed. I now have over a thousand images. Some of them may have taken me 2 or 3 hours to create and others just instantly light up the monitor and scream here I am. Any picture can be used but I prefer to use my own compositions. I can pick my colors or mediums. The images here are made from a single scan of lace, ribbon and different types of fibers. They are printed out on Premium High Gloss photo paper and are the required size of 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

Zetti Valentine's

Zetti is a new art form that was created by Teesha Moore ( It's a no-holds-bared approach to making ATC's. The art is known for it's pointed hats, crazy stockings and bright colors. I recently had an opportunity to participate in a "Zetti Valentine" themed swap. This particular swap was a 5/6. This means that I send 6 cards. The host gets to keep one and 5 cards by 5 different artists are sent to me. I always write about the artistic freedom that comes with creating ATC's but doing Zetti lifted it to a new height.