Friday, October 24, 2008

Creating Editions

There are times that you create a card that you just do not want to trade but you have several people ask about it. There is a way to solve the problem. You make copies of the card and number them. Usually 5 is the number most used. If you are going to a card show you might want to make as many as 12. In the picture you can see that the back of a card. I had made 12 of them to trade with my friends. The card numbered 1/12 would be considered the original and so you might want to keep that one. So an Edition is the same picture but there are numbered copies. When you create copies of a card they are actual reproductions not a photocopy.
This card had a theme, "Cooking up a Storm". Everyone has a different picture flash is their head of what it would be. Mine just happened to be the Witches from Macbeth. The picture is mounted on dark blue card stock that was tinted with pastel chalks. The music is actual sheet music that I scanned. I changed the words using Paint Shop Pro and added a sepia finish. The pot has a couple of feathers and a piece of hemp rope that I frayed to look like hair. The lightening bolts are a silver gel pen.

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