Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Creating a Series of ATC's

A Series is a set of cards that have the same theme but are very different. I have named the first Series that I will discuss "Ladies of the World". The pictures are by the artist Giovanni Nanni he lived from 1888-1969. He was an Italian Artist and was known for his postcard designs. His cards dated 1915 were the most popular because the women wore unusual hats and clothing. They are painted in the Art Deco style that was early for his time. I used copies of his art work and applied my own Art Deco designs. Each piece colored of paper is bordered with black card stock. This creates a feeling of depth and texture. I tried to use colors the were repeated in the individual pictures and frame them with complimentary lines. The most difficult part of the project was to decide what country each woman was from. It actually took me longer to do this than it did to finish a few of the cards. So this set of cards would be considered a Series because each one is different. The cards are numbered on the back 1 of 1 because each is an original and there are no copies.

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